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We’ve built a secure and seamless tool to collect and manage your website visitors’ consent and preferences.

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The way to your customers’ heart is through their consent!


Of American consumers indicate – data privacy is important to them.


Of Americans don’t trust companies to ethically sell personal data.


Of all websites based in America use some type of cookie.


Of Americans reported wanting more control over their personal data.

New Privacy Standards

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Global Privacy Compliance

With one simple, easy set up to manage data privacy globally with GDPR, CCP, LGPD and the IAB TCF 2.0 framework. Manage multiple brands/ organizations, and multiple websites all in one place. Your team can view consent across all your brands and web properties or individually.

Multilingual Feature & Support

The multi-language feature allows you to display your content in any language. A simple and efficient way to make sure your website is accessible to as many audiences as possible!

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We are a team of tech wizards and marketing experts using data & privacy-compliance to increase your consumer engagement, brand trust, and customer acquisition. Adzapier can help you automate best practices of data & privacy compliance, so that you can focus on what matters most – your core business activities.

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