It is a proven fact that the ad-tech industry has outgrown its expectations in the past few years. If the forecasts are to be believed it will stay as a relevant industry in time to come. Not only that it has a huge potential for all the stakeholders who participate in the industry as publishers. 

The advertising technology has evolved drastically. The newer technology makes a way for more opportunities. At the same time, globally there are strong regulations and acts being established. These also affect the modes of revenue stream via advertising technology. 

The whole change in the laws and acts also results in publishers being more aware of the way their ad-tech partners do the business. The direct impact it creates for publishers is either in a steep drop in revenue. The worst would be being fined for approaches that are not legit anymore. 

Global laws have become strict and are in favor of the user. This is important for the survival of the industry. Because when the user will trust the industry is the time when they will spend more time on it. Which will ultimately result in business for everyone? The stricter rules make the business very meaningful. This is where the experience of ad-tech partners and their technology will play a bigger role. 

Today, these are the things that you should look in your ad-tech partner:

  1. Ethics: This should be the topmost priority. The ethical approach of the ad-tech partner will result in an inventory that gives better results. Most importantly it does not attract any fines for the publishers.
  2. Knowledge & Experience: Undoubtedly like any industry, the ad-tech industry demands knowledge & experience. This helps the publishers to be relevant within their competitors.
  3. Support Team: The key factor that usually is overlooked while choosing the ad-tech partners is the support team. It is crucial as a publisher to explain the needs of the ad-tech partner to give an optimized solution. This will happen through understanding the holistic possibilities of ad technology. A good training and support team can assist in this case.
  4. Technology: Ad-tech technology is the sole determiner that will decide the revenue for the publishers. The technology needs to be smart and easily adaptable to the regulations and the challenges that keep on coming in the ad-tech industry. It should not also affect the existing revenue models and help in maximizing the revenue. 
  5. Transparency: As publishers is important that you have clear insights about the operations that run on the data. Ad-tech partners are usually transparent about revenues. They do have dashboards to give better insights. 

These 5 aspects are of top priority, as you choose your ad-tech partner. We at Adzapier make sure that we follow the norms & laws of the nations. Our tech team works on giving the best experience to the publisher while onboarding and throughout the process. 

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