Data Monetization for Online Publishers and Retailers

Data Monetization for Online Publishers and Retailers

Data Monetization for Online Publishers and Retailers

Are you looking for new ways to leverage and monetize your audience data without any negative impact from your existing business – all while respecting consumer privacy choices? 

At Adzapier, we help online publishers and eCommerce retailers monetize your audience data in a transparent and completely privacy-compliant environment.  Our simple approach provides seamless data monetization options completely in the background, without impacting your website’s user experience in any way.

Online Publishers and Retailers Can Tap the True Value of Their Data Through Our Network 

The Adzapier team has spent years building a fast, efficient data monetization network that benefits you and other brands in the e-commerce landscape. As an Adzapier publisher, our optimized process streamlines our ability to connect you with data buyers who need the information you already have. 

Our data monetization is achieved through an extra layer of data analysis that creates and matches authenticated traffic. Crafted from your raw user data with our sophisticated algorithms, this authenticated traffic is completely anonymous user information that helps companies to verify and improve their digital marketing audience data sets. 

Every year, advertisers in the digital marketing ecosystem waste millions of dollars reaching out to users with inaccurate email or postal address data. “Data hygiene” can be costly and time-intensive, but failure to perform it can get an entire brand blacklisted and silence its digital marketing, email campaigns or other initiatives. 

Generated from your live user data, our authenticated data serves as an extra line of defense against the perils of list decay. Advertisers’ existing sales and marketing funnels enable them to pursue ROI on authenticated data right away, so they are willing to pay for match data through our blind network. 

Authenticated Data Monetization Has Never Been Simpler Than It Is with Adzapier 

You’ve worked hard to achieve the traffic and following to your website – now let us help you make more money. With Adzapier, you never need to seek out buyers, negotiate agreements, or set rates or worry that authenticated data monetization will compromise your current revenue strategies. 

The process is seamless and anonymous, handled through existing cookie technology deployed in truly innovative ways. With our data to connect the dots, advertisers can verify their users are active and engaged online – giving them the insights they need to create more compelling campaigns in the future. 

Our data monetization setup is completely unique: 

  • 100% new and incremental revenue that does not compromise your existing revenue strategies 
  • Secure, flexible, and scalable 
  • You can be up and running in minutes with the custom tags and pixels we generate for you 
  • Our support team is always available to answer questions and walk you through the process 
  • You can start generating new and incremental revenue from data monetization right away 
  • All data is hashed using high-level encryption that protects user privacy from end to end 
  • Ability to monetize both Web and mobile data 

Publisher-specific audience data (that would be traceable to your website) and personally identifiable information (PII) are never compiled or sold. Instead, anonymous, authenticated, match data is associated with a pool of IDs that have commercial value only to our match partners, not to outside parties. 

How Much Can You Make With Data Monetization through Adzapier? 

We’ve built the Adzapier platform to help you make as much money as possible. Instead of offering a flat fee or a tier system that would cap revenue for most participants, your data monetization is calculated every month on a revenue share model. That means two important things: 

  • Your revenue grows based on your traffic and email opens 
  • If we make more, you make more – and we’re here to stay 

Adzapier is the next generation of data monetization for publishers and retailers. You can rely on us for trust, transparency, privacy compliance, and an unbeatable network of partnerships.

To get started with Adzapier, schedule your quick call with our technical team.


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