MAID and Hashed Email for ID Resolution

MAID and Hashed Email for ID Resolution

MAID and Hashed Email for ID Resolution

According to Pew Research, about 96% of Americans now own a cell phone. More than 80% of them own a smartphone capable of going online and using digital applications. The average household has a total of 11 connected devices, many of them mobile. 

As the number of personal mobile devices increases, it becomes harder to track and identify users throughout the whole digital ecosystem. Users are spending more time online, but get less relevant and less personalized content, messages, and advertising. 

At the same time, brands lose opportunities to build deeper, more meaningful relationships. 

Cross-device targeting has the power to set things right, ensuring visibility into user behavior regardless of device so detailed user identity profiles can be built. The key is new technology, Mobile Advertising ID (MAID), combined with the latest in secure hashed emails.  

What is MAID and How Does It Work? 

A Mobile Advertising ID is a string of digits assigned to a mobile device to provide consistent identification across services and websites. Once a device is identified using MAID, marketers can recognize a user across multiple devices and send personalized ads, content, and messaging. 

Targeting and relevance of this content is greatly increased because marketers have a more reliable way to track user behavior in the ever-growing mobile ecosystem. Compared to conventional cookies, MAID offers superior consistency and visibility into user habits. 

In fact, the mobile advertising ID may be the only method available today that enables you to build a persistent identity for each user. That’s because it takes into account mobile interactions that are frequently lost with other tracking methods. MAID may be considered the first truly “mobile-first” personalization technology. 

Mobile-Focused Personalization is Crucial to Competitiveness 

Personalized mobile content is essential because mobile continues to grow as a share of total online traffic in the United States.  

Although 2020 has been an anomaly, general trends have shown people spending more time on their phones and less time on traditional desktop computers or even laptops. More than 50% of U.S. digital traffic comes from mobile devices. About 46% of all emails are opened on mobile. 

The mobile universe is growing, with innovations like the Internet of Things being realized in new ways every day. Each new mobile device that enters service represents an opportunity to connect with users and meet their needs. Hashed email is the second part of the mobile user tracking equation. 

Hashed Email Provides Marketers with Safe, Secure User Data 

Users are most resistant to personalization when they worry that sensitive data may be misused or stolen. In response, governments around the world have enacted privacy legislation that makes digital marketing harder. 

With hashed email, user details can be secured to be literally unbreakable – even the most sophisticated hacker can’t decipher the information or associate it with individuals. This helps satisfy both end users and regulators. 

Hashing refers to a cryptographic function that applies a special mathematical transformation to targeted data. User information is irreversibly encrypted while effectively tracing every action a logged-in user takes online. 

Because virtually every online service verifies user identity through an email-password login, hashed email can centralize a tremendous number of insights much more effectively than cookies can. That includes things like: 

  • Social media networks 
  • Websites frequented 
  • Entertainment preferences 
  • Buying habits 

By comparison, cookies fail to capture all this information because they don’t work across multiple devices, can easily be blocked by the user or browser technology, and don’t connect with the most valuable mobile activity. 

MAID and Hashed Email Combine to Create Powerful Marketing Tools 

By combining these two innovations, savvy marketers can target users according to MAID deterministically no matter what platform a user is on at the time. This empowers marketers to create a detailed user identity profile including click behavior, online purchases, search, and more. Adzapier puts the power in your hands. 

To find out more, contact Adzapier today. 


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