The Power of Intent Data

The Power of Intent Data

The Power of Intent Data

What are your prospects and leads thinking right now?

Intent data lets you find out. 

Intent data is timely, specific data that reveals what customers are researching right now. It can be used in B2C or B2B contexts, though the term is most familiar in B2B – where it enables companies to demystify the long and complex process of B2B decision-making. 

Key uses of this data include:

  • Selecting or prioritizing prospect accounts for near-term outreach 
  • Empowering sales and sales development teams with key insights 
  • Refining ad campaign targeting parameters 
  • Identifying and sourcing leads 
  • Updating buyer personas 
  • Messaging accounts 

Intent data can derive from a single publisher or a multi-channel strategy including many sources. The use of intent data is growing quickly because it enables companies to be more proactive than ever before in reaching out to potential customers during the research process before brand affinity develops. 

These contacts can take place on an ad-hoc basis without waiting for the conclusion of a current campaign. This equips companies that use intent data to initiate relationships at a key moment for the prospect. By positioning as trusted advisors throughout the process, they are more likely to make the final sale. 

Intent Data is Entering the Technology Stack in Earnest for 2021 

Enterprises operationalize intent data by integrating into the workflow for sales and marketing teams. Data flows into existing Customer Relationship Management systems and can be flagged for prioritization by AI, automated rules-based schema, or manual review. 

Intent data is transforming business processes in three key ways:

Account Selection 

Sales and marketing organizations are no longer limited to basic firmographic data when deciding how and when to target B2B enterprises. Instead, accounts can be targeted when proven factors demonstrate they are more likely to respond and convert into customers.

Manual Listening

Sales representatives traditionally use keyword research and news alerts to identify decision-makers. Results vary significantly based on the individual’s skill with these tools. Modern intent data solutions, on the other hand, fully integrate into existing systems and trigger workflows automatically as appropriate.

Message Selection

Messaging is the area where businesses are most prone to fall out of date, basing their assumptions on historical interactions when underlying factors may have changed dramatically. Intent data, on the other hand, spotlights current items of interest that serve as the foundation of a focused messaging strategy. 

To realize the full benefits of intent data, businesses must have robust access to online platforms that capture and correlate user behavior data in their normal operations. They must also have solutions in place to transmit fresh data from outside partners to their own enterprise data systems. 

Intent data illuminates prospect trends that would otherwise be invisible. Because there is no knowing the prospect’s timeline until outreach occurs, it is crucial to act on this data as soon as a trend coalesces. 

More enterprises are embracing intent data ahead of 2021, but making it actionable remains a challenge. 

The Challenges of Using Intent Data Effectively 

When they receive intent data, marketers are looking for insights that improve campaign performance and sales teams want accurate call lists. Unfortunately, translating data into business plans is not always easy and techniques for doing so remain in their early stages, with best practices still under development. 

Outside of data collection, areas where new processes may be necessary include measuring success, developing programs built on intent data, getting a lift from usage, and tailoring messaging based on intent information. All of these goals influence the implementation and the ability to generate real results. 

Adding to the learning curve, many current users of intent data receive it from multiple sources. They must drill down into the data to ensure it is comparable, timely, and relevant before building action plans. 

Increase Lead Quality and Conversion Using Adzapier 

When choosing intent data applications, companies need targeted, accurate, sufficient data that’s both accessible and actionable. The clearest way to achieve this is to develop unified identity profiles of key decision-makers that provide visibility into their most recent buyer journey activities. 

Adzapier is a seamless solution that operates in the background to connect publishers’ authenticated first-party data with businesses that can utilize it to verify their existing user information. This combined view enables you to capture fresh, accurate intent data that you are positioned to use promptly. 

Developed to be 100% compliant with the strictest emerging privacy regimes around the world, Adzapier works seamlessly in the background. It has no effect on the user experience, does not generate new privacy liabilities, and never cannibalizes revenue from your current data monetization strategies. 

Intent data is becoming more important than ever, but the growing momentum to suppress third-party cookies will make it harder to come by. All-new architecture is required. Adzapier was created with the new digital ecosystem in mind, making first-party data available in a third-party context for the first time. 

To find out how Adzapier can help you, schedule your appointment with our technical team. 


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