Adzapier’s solutions enable personalized and fully privacy-compliance marketing solutions to increase revenue, improve ROI and drive a better omnichannel experience for customers.

Our Vision

An open web where all publishers, brands and individuals
have the same access to privacy and meaningful data.

Our Purpose

Innovative and hard-working to build enduring technology solutions. Our commitment to our coworkers, family and community drives us to be privacy conscious in everything we build. This drive allows us to empower publishers and advertisers.

Our Mission

Adzapier set out to keep the web open and accessible to all through a data network, connecting publishers and advertisers, while respecting each individual’s right to privacy. In our new privacy dominant world giant companies still have enough users who opt-in to collect actionable data. While the majority of publishers and advertisers don’t. This effectively made user data only accessible to the elite. Adzapier is giving the power back to the individual publishers and their community.

Built on Passion
And Ingenuity.

Adzapier is a technology company empowering publishers to better understand and utilize their first-party data. We provide solutions that fit within and build upon the current landscape with the flexibility to adapt and succeed in the shifting privacy landscape. Our top goal is to maintain confidence and full transparency on privacy and compliance with our publisher partners and their advertisers.

Our products and solutions enable personalized and fully privacy-compliant marketing, allowing our partners to increase revenue, improve ROI, and drive a better omnichannel experience for customers.These days data is everything. 

We work with companies who want to explore what their data can do in addition to companies that want to improve how they’re already handling their data. Our services form a fundamental foundation for personalized marketing strategies that modern brands rely on to inspire and engage customers across an often intimidating landscape of channels and devices.

Leadership Team



Co-founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of Adzapier with a simple mission; to build enterprise Read More



Co-founder & COO

Founding partner focused on maximizing the operational functions Read More



VP Business Development

Leading the development of strategist partnerships, demand  Read More



Business Dev. Manager

Focusing on Account Management and Sales of Data Products   Read More

Tiffany Soucie-


Tiffany has been igniting growth across multiple industries  Read More

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