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Consumer Privacy Laws currently passing around the world give consumers control back over their own online data. 
That’s why Adzapier creating software to process, manage, and store consumer data is more critical now than ever before.
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Our Vision

Return the ownership and right-to-privacy back to consumers. Join us in the mission of embracing the future of user data.

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Our Purpose

We’re a team of engineers, marketers & designers solving data privacy problems at scale. Learn more about us and our data privacy experts.

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Our Mission

Adzapier set out to keep the web open and accessible to all through a data network, connecting publishers and advertisers, while respecting each individual’s right to privacy. In our new privacy dominant world giant companies still have enough users who opt-in to collect actionable data. While the majority of publishers and advertisers don’t. This effectively made user data only accessible to the elite. Adzapier is giving the power back to the individual publishers and their community.

Built on Passion
And Ingenuity.

We started Adzapier because we wanted to make the Internet a better place with more transparency and control for consumers over their own data. We are a team of tech wizards and marketing experts using data & privacy compliance to increase your consumer engagement, brand trust, and customer acquisition. We take an active role in helping organizations leverage customer data in privacy-safe ways that still respect consumer rights.

Consumer privacy laws currently give consumers control over their online data. That’s why Privacy Management Software is more critical than ever before. Companies continue to commit to personalizing the web experience at a time when consumers are more worried about their private information than ever before.

Leadership Team



Co-founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of Adzapier with a simple mission; to build enterprise Read More



Co-founder & COO

Founding partner focused on maximizing the operational functions Read More

Tiffany Soucie-


Tiffany has been igniting growth across multiple industries  Read More

Dharmesh Patel Founder and CEO
Dharmesh Patel
CEO - Adzapier

“To build the most profitable and long-lasting business, data privacy must be as simple as walking. It is a difficult skill to obtain when you are young, but it becomes such a essential part of your life that you do it without even realizing it.”

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Dharmesh Patel

Co-founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of Adzapier with a simple mission; to build enterprise technology for organizations, brands, agencies, and publishers to create a privacy-safe environment to turn their most valued data assets into a competitive advantage. Dharmesh oversees all aspects of Adzapier’s product development, operations, and sales. Dharmesh holds a B.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers School of Engineering and has over 10+ years of marketing tech experience.

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Kash Vyas

Co-founder & COO

Founding partner focused on maximizing the operational functions of Adzapier from IT to marketing and sales. His goal is to enhance company growth and foster the next generation of pioneering data technologies and marketing solutions. He brings the right people together and provides opportunities for rising talent within the organization. Kash brings over a decade of expertise in IT Sales, Talent Acquisition, and Human Resources experience with a focus on rapid business development.

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Tiffany Soucie-Howren

Marketing Director & Manager

Tiffany has been igniting growth across multiple industries with her strategic and comprehensive programs. Accumulating over a decade of executive level marketing and operations leadership solidifies her experience with a proven track record of success. Tiffany specializes in developing efficient and effective process automatons that fuel short and long-term business objectives. Tiffany has become known for being an “executor” or “honey-badger”; as she is relentless and highly focused on delivering concise completion of all her initiatives. A lifelong student at heart, she has made it her personal mission to inspire those around her to continuously learn and grow. With this, Adzapier continues to be gratified that she has joined our leadership team and represents our company as the head of our marketing department.

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