You know your audience. Let Adzapier help you get to know them better with unique AUTHENTICATED DATA from thousands of independent websites.

Valuable data leads to more effective advertising and ROI.


1.8 Billion MAIDS linked to hashed email

Authenticated Traffic

150+ Million Authenticated Pixel Traffic

Online Cookie Intender Data

565M Daily Daily Cookie log

IP Graph

115M Unique IP link to email database

Web to Mobile

Cross Device Linkage

Data Licensing 

Identity Graph

Email Cookie Linkage
with Hashed Emails

Data Subscriptions 

Identity Graph

Deterministic Data

Probabilistic Data

Custom Solutions 

Data Onboarding for Social and Display Campaigns or to the Match Data Network

Data Enhancements

CRM Data Validation and Analytics

Professional Data Services and Experts

Advertise smarter with authenticated data to personalize your message and increase ROI.

Authenticated Data 

Create Fully Customizable ID Profiles: our customized
solutions will give you a comprehensive and detailed overview of your audience. 

MAID / Hashed Email 

MAID & Hashed Email For Identity Resolution: empowering marketers to create a detailed identity profile by utilizing MAID and linking to Hashed Email. 

Mobile Location Data 

Reach your audience wherever they are by streamlining targeting data and improving your ability to define and track audience and behaviors. 

Intent Graph 

Build a profile of what your customer’s interests are to personalize communication and increase lead quality and conversions. 

Data is a central resource in the 21st century. Only those who manage to EXTRACT VALUE from their data will remain COMPETITIVE. For this reason, many organizations are looking at innovative ways of using their data to create value.”

- BI Survey

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