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A Simple Solution to Nationwide Compliance

CCPA gives consumers the right to control the information that businesses, service providers and third parties collect about them. If you have customers or site visitors in California, this law applies to you – even if your business is located in another state.

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Give your customers the gift of privacy. Give your business the gift of compliance.

According to CCPA, all companies in California with an annual revenue of $25M or more must disclose what information they hold about customers and how that information is being used.  Even if your business isn’t in California, if you buy, sell, share or receive information for at least 50,000 Californians, you’ll need to stay in compliance as well.  

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Give customers control while staying in compliance.  

Manage CCPA, the Easy Way

CCPA isn’t going anywhere. In fact, laws are predicted to get even stricter as time goes on. Now is the best time to jump on board and ensure that your business is compliant before fines and other penalties start rolling in.

Our comprehensive dashboard and complete DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) solution will help you stay on track well ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about it later.   

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Handle DSAR Like a Pro

Under the CCPA, customers have the right to request, access and control their personal data. When requests come in, you’ll want to fulfill them quickly and with total confidence.

Our comprehensive dashboard stores, saves and tracks customer consent and preferences so you can deliver those requests in minutes – not hours or days.

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Map, Transfer, and Protect Data.

Enhance your compliance efforts by integrating your third-party integration with CCPA Compliance Module.Enable cross-platform consent management, where all receiving, transferring of data, and allows you to quickly and accurately map CCPA data attributes for new and existing data, as well as bulk import into your account. 

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Your CCPA Compliance Sandbox

Navigate through the CCPA landscape with a centralized, privacy sandbox. Gain access to a centralized repository of CCPA resources that includes the full CCPA text, summaries and comprehensive guides. Use the tracker to stay up to date on the latest guidance. 

Privacy by Design workflows for you to implement

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