The Definitive Guide to CMP Consent Management 2023 

The Definitive Guide- CMP Consent Management

Organizations now have a legal responsibility to protect their consumers’ personal information and practice safe data management in light of the proliferation of data privacy laws worldwide, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), and others.   According to UNCTAD, 71% of countries globally had enacted data privacy laws as […]

Consent Management Platform: Building Profitable Business in 2023

Consent Management Platform

Cookies are a big part of the internet. They help businesses to know how a user engages with their content on the website and helps marketer and advertisers to devise a strategy for conversion. But due to privacy laws, cookies can’t be loaded onto the user’s browser without their due consent. That’s why you need […]

What Is A Consent Management Platform And How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

What is a cpm how can It help grow your business Corporate

Cookies are a big part of the internet. They keep your browsing experience fast and seamless and are also a great way to track user behavior. But cookies have privacy implications, especially when used for marketing purposes. That’s why you need a consent management platform (CMP).   A CMP is a specialized software or system that […]

CMP Consent Management Platform in 2023: Why Your Website Needs It  

CMP 2023 why your website needs

If you’re here, you probably have a website, or maybe you’re planning to launch one! For decades now, Brands and businesses have been continuously trying to enhance people’s online experience.   To do that, businesses take their customers’ information such as name, gender, age, ethnicity, credit card, account number, and literally everything you can think […]

Get TCPA Compliant with Cookie Consent Management Platform 

Cookie Consent Management Platform

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted in the early 1990s. That makes sense, because the internet wasn’t fully baked yet and many businesses conducted sales and collected personal information from their customers over the phone.   Later, it was expanded to include faxes, text messages and automated calls. In essence, the TCPA is […]

Why Choose the Adzapier Consent Management Platform Over Others?

Consent Management Platform

As everything moves online, customer data is becoming more fragile to access! Data Privacy laws have been created by the authorities to keep everything in check. Where businesses need to identify and comply with these data privacy laws. By integrating with a CMP Consent management platform.   The CMP landscape can be tricky to navigate […]

FACT CHECK: How to Manage Consent Preferences Under CPRA 

Fact Check

The California Personal Rights Act (CPRA) is in effect. If you run a business, you probably already know this. But wait! What is the CPRA? Why does my business have to comply with that? If you thought your business was exempt, it might be time to reevaluate. Some exemptions will no longer be in effect as […]

Consent Management Platforms: What They Are and Why You Need Them 

Consent Management Platforms What they are and why you need them 1

The business world you work in has changed dramatically over the past decade.  The digital age has come with massive shifts in how businesses interact with their clients, and because almost everything we do nowadays has been taken online, the importance and value of consumer data sets, as well as having Consent Management Platforms, has […]

I don’t sell and share my data, why do I need a CMP?

I dont share or sell data

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a new law that’s about to affect business in a big way. But if you’re a small business owner or reside in another state, you may be wondering why this applies to you.   Our free cookie scan tool will keep you informed about whose data you have, with […]