A secure and seamless tool to COLLECT
and MANAGE your website visitors’
consent and preferences.

Easy and Quick to Install

One line of javascript places on your site, the rest is handled through a user friendly back end portal 

Manage multiple web properties

One CMP to manage consent across all your websites 

Globally Compliant

Not only GDPR & CCPA compliant  

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  • Easily allow visitors to see
    the CMP in their preferred language

Multiple Website Management

  • Control consent across all your web properties from a single dashboard

Data Subject Assess Request (DSAR) made easy

  • Give users the ability to easily pull the data you have on record for them  

Granular Level Consent and Preference

  • Allow users to consent to exactly what they want
  • Improve your 1st party data collection rates

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What companies have to comply with GDPR?

GDPR affects all companies based in the EU and companies anywhere in the world that retain EU residents’ data. So if you’re in the EU you need to have a CMP today, and if you’re outside the EU but get any site traffic from the EU that you retain you also need a CMP today.  

How hard is it to add the CMP to a website?

It’s a simple piece of javacode on your site, then you can customize on the back-end dashboard whenever you’d like.  

Where do I need to store the data from the CMP?

This is the benefit of working with a CMP, Adzapier handles data storage and all fees associated. The CMP makes it easy for a visitor to your site to request their data from you. (DSAR)

I don't want to negatively impact the user experience on our site, will the CMP continue to pop up every time someone comes to my site?

No, users will only see the CMP prompt the first time they login, if they clear their cookies they’ll see the request again. I understand it could seem like a negative experience, but people are becoming used to these, and it shows you value your audience’s privacy. 

What happens if I don’t use a CMP?

If you retain cookie data without consent. Especially if there is a data leak, you may be fined up to 4% of your revenue. 

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