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Keep up with the Privacy Regulations.

Our consent management platform is designed for ease of use on a single, streamlined dashboard. You can manage multiple brands, organizations, sites and shops in one place – or look at them all individually. The choice is yours.

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A Complete Solution for You – and Your Customers

Stay in compliance no matter where and when you handle customer data online. From cookie management to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR).Stay one step ahead of the data privacy laws and be prepared for the upcoming ones!

We’ve done the work for you. No matter where your customers’ data goes, we’ve got you covered.  

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Clean up the cookie crumbs

Use our consent management dashboard to visualize, search, filter and track the most important metrics of consent. Find out which cookies are active, and what kind of cookies are being used.Are your customers’ data subject to third-party cookies? We’ll let you know. And our handy automation tool will free up your time without sacrificing cookie compliance, giving you total peace of mind.

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Keep it Consensual

Manage all your customers’ individual consent preferences in a single location. We don’t store anything on our backend, so there isn’t any way for data to leak.Our customizable dashboard allows you to view and manage data the way it makes most sense to you. The result? Less confusion, more compliance.  


Fulfill Data Subject Access Requests in minutes,not weeks

Give your customers what they want, right when they ask for it. On your own, fulfilling DSAR can be an overwhelming task that leaves customers waiting for the answers they desperately need.With us, customers can easily request data, and get answers within minutes. Not only will you have more satisfied customers, you’ll also be globally compliant. 

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Making Social Sharing Safer Again

Give your customers peace of mind when they like, share, and follow content from your pages. Our savvy social solutions keep customer data out of the wrong hands and prevents you from getting in trouble for inadvertently sharing data with third parties.Using Social Fortuna, your customers can safely share content from any page on your site with the same cookie blocking and consent preferences they’ve already given. 

Keep the Lid on Your Cookie Jar

Say goodbye to third-party cookies and a constant stream of unknowns. With Adzapier’s Content Management Platform, you can stay informed, in control and in compliance.  

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