Consent Preference Management

Collect, Manage, and Synchronize All Consented Consumer Data.

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Adzapier enables marketing and sales organizations to gain visibility over the customers’ communication preferences. We help you collect consent for all forms of communications, gain visibility over your customer’s communication preferences, centralize data for a single source of truth, and sync data throughout the MarTech stack.

In compliance with GDPR, you must have a record of consent for all your data subjects with clear information about:

Manage Your Consent
Records on One Dashboard

The built-in intuitive dashboard converts data into an actionable insight to review consent records.

Have a definitive Single Customer View and Single Source of Truth and place to store all user consent and privacy preferences.  

Keep a record of legal or privacy notice the user has accepted for each consent.

Track the form/wording the user was prompted with for each consent.

Ensure to have multiple preferences for each user (e.g.: if you have multiple newsletters or opt-ins)

No-Hassle upload of any consent or legal notice form.

View for each user with a history of consent.

Have a definitive record of whether a user was verified with a double opt-in.  

Intuitive dashboard for reviewing consent record history.

Works also with offline forms.

Provide Consumers the Transparency &
Privacy They Deserve

We believe that collecting and synchronizing customer data is the key to a successful customer experience. Our consent and preference management platform enables companies to collect, centralize, govern, and sync consent, preferences and first-party data while keeping trust and transparency at the forefront of all consumer interactions.

Single Source of Truth

It can be difficult for Agencies, Publishers, and individual Brands to navigate through all of their questions and concerns regarding US data privacy laws and personal data.

Consent Preference Management allows you to comply with the legal requirements of the data privacy laws without having to break a sweat.

A Consent Preference Management app is a dashboard within our Adzapier CMP that provides your consumers with a convenient location to go on your website, should they require assistance regarding personal data that has been collected from them.

Real-Time Insights

Gain real-time insights into a complete personal data lifecycle.

From the moment a consumer opts-in to the moment they opt-out, or even if they submit a “Do Not Sell” option, you are able to monitor every stage of their lifecycle.

Having a clear overview of all this information will help you demonstrate compliance at every stage, provide your marketing and advertising teams with awesome analytics, and provide your consumers with transparency and trust in your website.

Flexible Integrations

Using a variety of easy-to-integrate components provided in this Consent Preference Management app, our clients have been able to integrate seamlessly with multiple front-end application channels, like web apps and mobile apps.

Now, Agencies, Publishers, and individual Brands alike, can automate their marketing actions based on the explicit data obtained from their consumers’ consented data.

Form Builder/ Subscription Form Builder

Adzapier Consent Preference Management also gives you an option to build Data Privacy Compliance forms that can be easily embedded on any website page.

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