Consumer Engagement Platform (CEP)

Join us in creating the first ever data-privacy focused Consumer Engagement Platform

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What Can a Consumer Engagement Platform Do for You?

With intuitive consumer engagement technology, you will be able to unlock the impossible to unify sources, creating a single source of truth for your consumer data. This will enable you to build a truly complete and actionable 360 view of your online audience engagement across all channels. Make data-driven decisions for your company that will increase your marketing ROI.

Plus, this platform will integrate seamlessly with Adzapier Consent Management Platform to handle all your consumer privacy needs.

Online & Offline Tracking

Connect and unify data from online and offline sources to create one unified customer profile.  With Adzapier CEP, you will be able to create unified customer profiles, segment audiences based on behavior, and launch privacycompliant campaigns. Reach your consumers when they’re most likely to buy.

Real-Time Customizable Reporting

Create custom reports or gain insights in real-time with pre-designed reports. Track what is most important to you and know exactly where your marketing budget is going.

Actionable Data & Automations

Data is only as good as your ability to use it. Easily create complex workflows with email, SMS, push, web, and more to create truly customized campaigns. 

Marketing Automation has exploded over the past ten years. It has given marketers the ability to: 

  • Automate email marketing communications  
  • Personalize emails with name, company name, etc. 
  • Set-up campaign orchestration  
  • Create if/then sequences and triggers 

Who’s in charge of customer experiences? Is it marketing, customer service, sales? Few questions are more important and equally complicated for businesses looking to improve retention and attract new customers.

The problem stems from a fundamental organization level. Different business units collect and use diverse data points from multiple sections of the customer journey. Whether it’s point-of-sale, mobile interaction, desktop browsing, etc., the data remains scattered.

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