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Don't Break the Cookie Law, Personalized Cookie Compliance for All!

Most websites use cookies – but many business owners don’t know where they’re going or who can get their hands on them. Are you one of them? You don’t have to be.

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Better cookie consent management tool means happy customers.

When it comes to cookies, user consent is just one piece of the puzzle. Staying in compliance is better for your business, better for your customers, and better for overall digital experiences.  

We'll get you in compliance 

Design Cookie Consent Banners that Fit Your Brand

Create a fully compliant, customizable cookie banner that doesn’t interrupt customers’ digital experience while on your website. You can customize reminders to increase opt-in rates, manage consent with multi-language manager, and get a geo-targeted display of different banners and consent models based on region, country or state. 

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One dashboard to rule them all

Visualize, search, filter and track the most important metrics of cookie consent manager all in one place – even across multiple channels. Our banner will help you identify which cookies are active for each domain, which ones have cookie consent, and what kind of cookies they’re using.If you’re ever audited, you’ll have archives of all collected consent activity to back up your claims and keep your business safe.   

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Stay Ahead in Compliance with Automated Cookie Blocking

Cookie blocking, a special feature to block cookies at your website user-side until the user gives consent through Adzapier’s cookie banner. With this feature you can block any category of cookies except strictly necessary ones. 

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cookie consent dashboard - auto cookie blocking
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Google Consent Mode: No Code Required!

Adzapier & Google Tag Manager enables you to use configurations that are in the GTM Community Template Gallery. These templates are pre-configured for a particular tag and if you decide to convert it, then it needs only a few steps from your side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cookie consent?

Cookie consent is agreeing to, rejecting, or specifying the utility of cookies on a website. Consumer Data Privacy Laws like GDPR, CCPA, or VCDPA, require that websites give users options for what purposes cookies are used, if any, as they access a site. 

What is GDPR cookie consent?

The GDPR requires online businesses and websites to only collect, process, or analyze data after the individual has given their explicit agreement to the specific usage of cookies. This is the most used legal foundation that allows the website to collect, process, and analyze personal data using cookies.

What is cookie consent management?

A cookie consent manager is a solution that manages a website's process of collecting and storing a users consent for the collection of data through cookies. Cookie consent is not only necessary for transparency and best practices, but depending on local regulations, it may be required.

Do I need a cookie policy on my website?

Yes, it is mandatory to comply if your website uses cookies for collecting, processing, and analyzing the personal information of an Individual residing in a state or a country with effective Data Privacy Law. GDPR, CCPA, VCDPA, and many others, require online businesses to disclose the specific purpose of using cookies on their websites.

What is a cookie consent banner?

A cookie consent banner is a notice displayed on websites upon the user's visit, asking for consent to use specific cookies to track and collect their data. The cookie consent banner is mandatory for all websites operating within or targeting individuals residing in states or countries where Data privacy laws have come into effect. 

Are cookies considered personal data?

Yes - under Data Privacy laws like GDPR, Cookies IDs are considered personal data. When a user gives their consent to the website for using cookies, a cookie ID gets installed within the browser, which collects and processes behavior. This helps Data analyzers to use cookies IDs to comprehend the user's personal information and retarget with adverts.

What is cookie blocking?

Cookie blocking is when a user's browser blocks cookie script from being installed. This can be done either by the user by declining the Cookies Consent Banner or at the browser level. 

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"Everything you need for cookie consent management" The setup and implementation of our new cookie consent banner was really easy, with little to no help from content writers and developers needed. I like that the product takes care of the ever-changing global laws in this space."

Review from Sourceforge / Slashdot

"Overall we thought this product and its features fit more in line with our data privacy needs over the other similar products from cookeyes, TrustArc, and WireWheel. We love having everything in one dashboard, super intuitive!"

Review from Sourceforge / Slashdot

My days of digging through emails, PDFs, and Word docs to find what I need are now over. This platform is so easy to use and has helped me save hours of my time every week. I will never go back to the old way of managing consent again! Adzapier's Consent Management Platform has automated our corporate consent process and it has been amazing.

Review from Sourceforge / Slashdot

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