Cookie Consent Management

Don't Break the Cookie Law, Personalized Cookie Compliance for All!

Most websites use cookies – but many business owners don’t know where they’re going or who can get their hands on them. Are you one of them? You don’t have to be.


Better cookie consent management means happy customers.

When it comes to cookies, user consent is just one piece of the puzzle. Staying in compliance is better for your business, better for your customers, and better for overall digital experiences.  

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We'll get you in compliance 

Design Cookie Consent Banners that Fit Your Brand

Create a fully compliant, customizable cookie banner that doesn’t interrupt customers’ digital experience while on your website. You can customize reminders to increase opt-in rates, manage consent with multi-language manager, and get a geo-targeted display of different banners and consent models based on region, country or state.  

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Cookie Consent

One dashboard to rule them all

Visualize, search, filter and track the most important metrics of consent all in one place – even across multiple channels. Our banner will help you identify which cookies are active for each domain, which ones have cookie consent, and what kind of cookies they’re using.

If you’re ever audited, you’ll have archives of all collected consent activity to back up your claims and keep your business safe.   

Stay Ahead in Compliance with Automated Cookie Blocking

Cookie blocking, a special feature to block cookies at your website user-side until the user gives consent through Adzapier’s cookie banner. With this feature you can block any category of cookies except strictly necessary ones. 

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Google Consent Mode: No Code Required!

Adzapier & Google Tag Manager enables you to use configurations that are in the GTM Community Template Gallery. These templates are pre-configured for a particular tag and if you decide to convert it, then it needs only a few steps from your side.

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