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Colorado passed their privacy act on July 8, 2021, with enforcement pegged on July 1, 2023. The Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) is a privacy protection law to secure Coloradans’ data rights. It places certain obligations on businesses processing customers’ data.

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What is in the Colorado Privacy Act?

To comply with the state’s new data privacy law, companies conducting business in Colorado must perform a privacy impact assessment and update their privacy policies. Moreover, they must provide a universal opt-out option, integrate consent management, and set up procedures for responding to customers’ data requests.

Although it only takes effect in July 2023, the requirements list is lengthy. Preparing for the transition in advance would be best since legacy equipment won’t implement CPA compliance effectively. 

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Consumer Rights in the Colorado Privacy Act

The Colorado data privacy act establishes many privacy rights, such as the right to access, rectify, opt out of the collection, and delete private data. Further, it provides the right to data portability, strengthening the protection of Colorado customers’ data protection.  

It also sets obligations on businesses, such as openness, purpose specification, data minimization, no discrimination, and the usage of sensitive data on data controllers.  

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Embrace Opt-Out Requests and Keep Tabs on Them

You can use website geo-targeting with automated data subject request intake and processing. It ensures your website presents proper opt-out controls, such as “do not sell,” “do not profile,” and “do not process for targeted advertising requests” to Colorado citizens. 

It is vital to keep tabs on verifiable customer consent to prevent the unlawful exchange of personal information and to update and amend data across all relevant systems. 

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Efficiently Map Data and Conduct Data Protection Evaluations

Map data with essential CPA compliance aspects, such as tracking data flows across borders and to third parties. Attach CPA data features to new and current data using bulk importing capabilities. Maintain compliance with CPA requirements for data reduction and purpose specification. 

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A Centralized Platform

The CPA won’t take effect until mid-2023, but astute businesses trading in Colorado should prepare for CPA compliance immediately. It might seem you have plenty of time but setting up compliance often means getting rid of your old data privacy management system.  

The Adzapier platform automates and streamlines the Colorado Privacy Act requirements, ensuring you comply with all the data privacy laws. 

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