The CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act)

Comprehensive Compliance Strategies for the CCPA, CPRA, or Beyond

The CCPA is already operational, and the CPRA goes into effect on January 1, 2023. Do you have the operational infrastructure to meet customer expectations and comply with the regulations? 

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Data Privacy Laws Compliance. Wherever the Consumer Is

Our team simplifies compliance with most data privacy laws like the CCPA and CPRA. We have the necessary software, systems, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to honor local and global advertising opt-outs and protocols like GPC.

Full compliance with all data privacy laws is but a call away. 


Get the Guide on Compliance with California’s Privacy Rights Act 

Get the Guide on Compliance with California’s Privacy Rights Act

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Enforcing Opt-Outs

Data privacy-conscious consumers have several privacy-centric options under the CCPA and CPRA, including declining to receive targeted advertisements. Businesses are responsible for honoring and upholding these consumer preferences across all internal and third-party data systems. 

That calls for accelerating CPRA and CCPA compliance using a fully automated platform to respond to customer “opt-out” or “do not sell” requests. Our Adzapier platform will identify and respect customers’ choices, as the data privacy laws envisioned.  

Embrace Opt-Out Requests and Map the Flow of Data on CCPA

We help businesses keep a current map of their company’s information technology, business processes, and any external parties involved.

Use pre-built and custom classifiers to assign labels that adhere to the CCPA’s requirements. Then, roll out a solution through fully automated data discovery and semi-automated analyses. 

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Centralized Platform. Manage Opt-Outs Anywhere.

Our system empowers you to control and deploy wherever you are. No matter system, or channel, we use APIs to connect, synchronize, and regulate opt-outs across your entire ecosystem.

Rather than relying on inefficient methods like email and checklists, Adzapier places the power of control squarely in your hands. 

Bring Privacy on Autopilot

The Consent management platform offers a set-and-forget process designed to deal with CCPA-related responses.

We can automate processes like receiving customer requests, verifying their identities, discovering what information they have stored, erasing it, and responding to them securely. 

Consent Preference Consent Records

Incorporate Opt-Out

We provide a standardized mechanism for users to request businesses not to use their data for targeted advertising by creating a “Do Not Offer My Personal Data” link and provide a consistent user experience across computers, mobile, and connected television platforms. We then relay those requests to the relevant advertisers.  

Regulatory Guidance

We have all the information about CPRA and CCPA compliance in one convenient repository, such as the actual, in-depth guides, regulatory guidance material. 

Legacy Equipment Ill-Equipped for the Job

The CCPA and CPRA require businesses to allow consumers to opt-out out of data collection, preventing the sharing or selling of their personal information. Legacy equipment relies on tech, such as emails and spreadsheets, which don’t have the scalability to handle such requests.    

Privacy by Design workflows for you to implement