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Fast track Your Data Subject Access Request with DSAR Integration

Customers have the right to their privacy – and requesting access to information about where their data is and how it’s being used is a big part of that. With easy-to-use DSAR management, you can discover, disclose and respond to requests in just a few clicks.

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Customers stay in control while you stay in compliance.

Keep up with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and more emerging privacy laws around the world with automated compliance and DSAR management. When your customers request access, monitor or delete their data, you can deliver right away, while staying organized and maintaining impeccable records in the event of an audit.  

An end-to-end solution for your Data Subject Access Requests

Get in compliance faster

Set up our DSAR management system and get it going the same day. The Adzapier DSAR automation solution allows you to meet your legal obligations for access, deletion, and do-not-sell requests. This facilitates the identification of personal data across your entire business, with a specific focus on transactions as evidence of request.

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Get personal with privacy

Our easy-to-use privacy access center allows you to create custom request intake forms and embed them directly onto your website using your brand, logo, colors, and images. Using these forms, you can collect, organize, and distribute information from multiple sources to streamline requests and quickly route them to the fulfillment process.

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Fulfill requests automatically

Say goodbye to manual steps when you automate each one that’s used to process data subject access and opt-out requests. Exception rules make it easy to flag outliers so you can efficiently detect and handle them before they become an issue.

You can even work hand in hand with our tool to automate human-in-the-loop processes and manually review or redact steps before responding directly to data access, portability, or deletion requests.

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Streamline your DSAR process

Make the most of technology-assisted reviews to save time and keep your focus on the results. Manage your time more efficiently with the tool that keeps you informed of where data requests are in the process, how many requests are inbound, what’s triggering the requests, and more. Simplify the process even more by using automation that accelerates the collection, curation, and standardization of data.

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Accurately identify your customers

Screen and validate your customers’ identity with a framework that includes email and re-captcha. You can also shorten the review process by eliminating irrelevant and repetitive requests, including multiple requests for concurrent views. Our solution also provides evidence attachment requirements to authenticate identity and proof of residency.  

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Gain better insights with smart metrics

Optimize your customers’ experience with continuous big picture and granular analytics that help you identify areas of improvement. What’s triggering a trend of DSARs? Our solution will help you find the answer. You can also view and edit exclusive dashboards and reports or communicate with individuals using a secure messaging portal.

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See just how easy it is to get – and stay – in compliance.

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