E-Commerce Consumers Weigh in on Data Privacy

E-Commerce Consumers Weigh in on Data Privacy

“As we enter a period of revitalization and economic rebuilding, this survey gives some sense of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for businesses. Undoubtedly more will change, but if there is one big takeaway, it is that future success for most businesses will rely on building strong and ethical digital relationships.”

Maria Coleman, Senior Marketing Content Manager @Adtaxi

Read Maria’s full blog “Consumers Weigh In On Data Privacy and E-Commerce As Economy Re-Opens” here

“Ecommerce brands who embrace consent management now and find ways to manage and respect their audience’s privacy consent preferences will have a competitive advantage over those who take a wait-and-see approach to consent.”

Aki Susko, VP Business Developement & Partnerships @Adzapier

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