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No Return Policy on the Data Privacy Laws 

In the case of data privacy laws, there are no such things as refunds or cancellations. This is because once your data has been shared with a third party, it cannot be taken back or retrieved.

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This platform enables you to create bespoke policies and procedures for your team, covering everything in your e-commerce. It also allows you to monitor how well employees adhere to these policies, enabling you to take appropriate action if necessary. 

Constant Connectivity

The software always ensures that there is 100% authorization across all systems. Incorporate data subjects’ rights into your privacy notices and point users in the direction of an input form for exercising such rights.  

Adapt Quickly

Designed to be responsive to adapt quickly to legislation and technology changes. This means that you will always have access to up-to-date information and guidance on how best to manage customer information.  

Collect, record, and validate consent while giving your users perfect control over their data usage.

Consent and preference management

Create custom experiences based on user profiles, preferences, locations, and more. By so doing, users can connect more with your business. Manage identity across all channels, including website, mobile app, and voice assistant.

This means your customers can use the same account across multiple channels. Provides tools that help you collect customer feedback so they can share their experiences on social media channels, which helps build your e-commerce brand.  

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Control data usage and access

This lets you control cookies tracking technologies used by third parties who collect consumer data on your site/app while maintaining user privacy and choice. It enables you to obtain consent from individuals for sharing their data with other organizations.

Get control of your cookies

Data discovery and classification

Connect to multiple data sources and discover the information in each system. This helps you classify it into groups based on its use or storage.  Visualize what’s in your organization’s data catalog.

It provides an interactive view of all your data sources.Classify your data based on their content using machine learning algorithms trained on billions of documents from the web.Classification is done automatically so that you don’t have to tag each piece of content yourself manually. 

Data Discovery
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Data subject rights fulfillment

Welcome to a single platform for managing your data privacy compliance needs. It’s easy to use, fast, and reliable. It comes with the support you need to get started quickly and immediately realize the benefits of automation. 

Our CMP combines the best products and services for managing compliance across any industry or vertical. It’s a simple way to meet your specific needs while saving time and resources on product selection and integration. The platform is designed to help you meet your deadlines, whether self-imposed or mandated by regulation.

The API-driven software provides timely updates on progress toward completion, so you can plan accordingly as needed. 

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