Adzapier for Fintech

Turn Complication into Compliance 

Financial technology companies have a wide variety of needs when it comes to compliance. Even more concerning are the differing regulations across countries, states, and jurisdictions. With regulations tightening and new laws being passed all the time, it’s more important than ever to stay in compliance – no matter where your business is based.

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Navigate Changing Laws While Ensuring Customer Safety

Keep your business in compliance with local and global laws, finance-specific regulations and regulatory bodies, and so much more with a robust consent management platform. Make sure customers understand where their cookies are being used and how.  

Give them the option to request data deletion in minutes so their information isn’t being inadvertently leaked. Even better, manage and store consent preferences automatically so you and your customers will be audit-proof if or when the need arises.  

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Reduce Risks with Automation

Use automation to manage risk and compliance, reduce errors, and maintain better records. A streamlined and customizable dashboard will give you control and visibility into how data is being used and shared.

You’ll also gain insights into what changes or updates need to be made to your techstack to stay compliant.  

Achieve Granular Privacy that Scales

Get the right tool that will automatically update when new laws or regulations are passed – so you don’t have to keep up with all of them.  

That would leave almost no time for you to run your business, and the risk of something slipping through the cracks could be infinitely higher.  

The Adzapier Consent Management Platform keeps your Fintech business on track and efficient, even as you grow and expand to new states, regions, or countries.  

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Control data usage and access

The consent Management platform enables you to securely control who can access your data, when they can access it, and how long you can use it. You can restrict these permissions based on time, geography, and other attributes. 

Compliance in 30 minutes or less

Talk to one of our experts and see what staying in compliance can do for your marketing team. Best of all? It’s free for 30 days. Schedule a meeting now to get started.