Our Identity Graph
helps you collect, connect, cleanse, and activate you audience data

Enabling companies to connect all their data sources and create an in-depth, 360 degree view of their audience.

The Key to Predict It All

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Work effectively with engaged clients
  • Leverage Re-targeting
  • Identify customer behavioral changes in real-time
  • Offer effective promotions
  • Optimize performance

Insights that help marketers and agencies harness the power of cross-channel data to find, engage and convert their most valuable audience members in to customers.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Customer Acquisition

Adzapier makes it easy to combine and use the most advanced data sources for your marketing campaigns. Whether you need to enrich your existing customer database, create new audiences from scratch, or build sophisticated predictive models - data blends that match your needs and goals. Buyers are everywhere – ID-graph helps you find them wherever they exist on the web, across devices, and in real-time.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

 Customer Engagement

Identity graph data provides a comprehensive view of your customers’ digital consumption habits. Helps you gain greater intelligence about your customers by tying together the fragmented data generated from their web and mobile browsing, social media activity, and other interactions with your business. Use it for building sales funnels, tracking funnel abandonment, identifying opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling products, analyzing ROI at every step of the funnel, creating custom reports, and more.

Identity Resolution: A new way of building customer experiences.

Identity resolution helps you understand your audience and engage with them across every channel. We connect data technologies, curate second-and third-party data exchanges, and provide high-touch customer service to help our clients build a panoramic view of their customers— no cookies required.

Deterministic Matching

Our deterministic graph builds robust profiles with the highest degree of accuracy. We help you reach your customer effectively with actionable, personalized insights.  

Probabilistic Signals

Enables marketers to deliver highly relevant and personalized campaigns across channels by enriching their existing customer data with the missing offline interaction data from retail stores, ATMs, gas stations, etc.  

Expansive Digital Reach

The identity graph allows you to create a bridge between your digital and physical world, giving you the power to recognize individuals in both identified and anonymous forms. It enables organizations to run completely customized campaigns for any product or service.

Privacy By Design

Keep customer data safe while providing data-driven use cases for marketing campaigns across devices and channels. Built to help brands and agencies make smarter marketing decisions, understand their audience better and increase their revenue.


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