Adzapier’s MAID Graph gives you a view into how people connect to digital experiences across devices. With billions of data points and growing we enable key connection touchpoints such as registration, authentication, and browser events of people and households to their digital devices.

Know Your Audience

Personalize your Customer Experience

Cross-channel marketing platform that helps you to personalize your campaigns based on the attributes of your audience and segment them effectively.

Amplify Your Media

Enables brands to reach their desired audience from both offline and online, giving a consistent brand experience across all channels.

Our first-party data platform builds connections of people to their digital devices. Powered by our proprietary technology, we define and process billions of touchpoints to help brands create better, more personalized ads by connecting the dots across the path-to-purchase.

Improved Connections with MAIDs

Enhanced Lifespan

MAIDs persistence longer than cookies. MAID data allows you to enhance your user experience with validated insights and enable consistence engagement, resulting in better conversions.

No Sync Required

MAIDs are enabled by OS, not the browser. This allows for real-time updates from other devices without having to sync anything – keeping your data accurate and up to date across all devices.

Personalized Message to Reach Individuals

An all-inclusive solution that connects your individuals – so there is less room for misrepresented information and usage control, allowing you to target and connect with your audience in a more personal way than ever before.

Reach Engaged Audiences

Reach your audiences where they spend the most time. MAIDs track in-app usage, allowing you to navigate to users when they’re deep into the app experience. Data driven so you can better understand user behavior and ultimately create more effective marketing campaigns.

Targeted Advertising

MAIDs provide insights of a user’s app usage lifecycle that differs from app to app, allows brands to deliver high-quality personalized ads to their users, right where they are most effective – in-app. MAIDs, help you personalize your interactions with users better than ever before.


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