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You want to increase the value of your products or services?
How about increasing online engagement and acquisition for you and your customers company websites?
Offer your referrals the ability to stay privacy compliant with Adzapier CMP.
Explore our Partnership Programs, find the one that’s right for you, and then let’s grow bigger together!

Affiliate Partner Program

Adzapier’s Affiliate Partnership is for bloggers, review sites, and other content creators who want to monetize their content and help businesses around the world protect their online user’s privacy, while staying in compliance. If you want a simple side hustle, this is it!

✅ Recurring Monthly Payouts – up to 30%.
✅ No additional hassle or commitments, just send your referrals this way!

Platform Partner Program

Adzapier’s Platform Partnership is for agencies and consultants looking to expand their client offerings and build expertise in Privacy Compliance. Whether your expertise is marketing, advertising, or even publishing- if you want to accelerate your growth, we want to help!

✅ Receive wholesale rates.
✅ Earn the chance to qualify for Adzapier Preferred Partner Program + benefits.

The affiliate program is for promoting Adzapier within content, using affiliate links or promotion codes. Therefore, you cannot receive a commission for referring clients in the affiliate partnership.

If you’re a consultant, agency, or other service provider and work 1:1 with clients to help them implement new systems and grow their business, then our Platform Partnership is the place for you!

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