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Respect Privacy without Sacrificing Revenue

Staying in compliance as a publisher is an important part of keeping customer data private – and protecting your business. Collecting consent, managing preferences, and giving your audience options without giving up your revenue streams can be a challenge – unless you have the right tools. At Adzapier, we have you covered.

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Develop a Robust First-Party Cookie Strategy

Build your business around customer privacy and consent to create a win for yourself and your users. The future of cookies is changing, but that doesn’t have to negatively affect consent and conversion rates.

By promoting full transparency, you’ll gain your customers’ trust, build a stronger relationship with them, and build a mutual relationship of consent that still allows you to understand their behavior and track their use of your content and products across devices.

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Create a Compelling, Compliant Cookie Banner

Give your customers choice – and give your business a boost with a customizable cookie banner that doesn’t stand in the way of your products or content.You can stay fully compliant around the globe with laws that are already in place, and laws that are being passed or written up right now. We’ll help you stay one step ahead to reduce the risk of fines or penalties later.  

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Reduce Workload and Increase Revenue with Automation

You can collect, manage and synchronize all your consented consumer data with a streamlined dashboard that does the work for you. This keeps you in compliance with GDPR, including the records you and your users need should an audit occur.

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Anonymize sensitive data

Anonymize sensitive personal information under GDPR requirements. This means that you can keep all of your customer files intact while still complying with data privacy laws.

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Ensure your ability to comply with privacy legislation by automating processes for subject data requests.

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