In the recent updates Zoom a Video Conferencing Platform will be settling a user privacy complaint of $85M in the US.

In today’s evolving technological world, privacy has come to the forefront as people want to take more control of their data and have power over who is using their personal information.

Adzapier helps organizations with our proprietary DSAR Management app built within our Consent Management Platform (#CMP). Our DSAR Management makes it easy to find forms, create workflows, and most importantly manage all incoming and outgoing messages pertaining to Data Subject Access Requests. Our customizable platform offers secure cross-channel integration to help businesses like yours be legally prepared for data protection laws.

Ecommerce brands who embrace consent management now and find ways to manage and respect their audience’s privacy consent preferences will have a competitive advantage over those who take a wait-and-see approach to consent.

Integrating Pardot & Salesforce into our operations has made this process seamless and, as a technology company, we love the seamless automation process it provides throughout our organization.

Identity Graph works as an intermediator between audiences and organizations, while ensuring the utmost user security.

Let’s discuss what the IAB Framework is, how it works, and what's new in IAB TCF 2.0 to help users get the consent they need.

Colorado added their very own Privacy Act to the growing list of states and became the third U.S. state to take measures in protecting its citizens’ right to privacy.

@TruthSet is an organization focused exclusively on validating accuracy of Consumer data. With that being said, We are thrilled to announce that we received Truthset’s badge

Digital publishers continue to feel increased pressure to manage consumer privacy choices and consent with new CCPA requirements in the

What are your prospects and leads thinking right now? Intent data lets you find out.  Intent data is timely, specific data

According to Pew Research, about 96% of Americans now own a cell phone. More than 80% of them own a smartphone

The demise of third-party cookies, the expanding data privacy statutes, and the growing superiority of walled gardens are all putting

For publishers and brands, few things are more important than creating an authentic, personalized experience for everyone in your audience.

For decades, digital advertising and marketing as we know them have relied on one piece of technology: The cookie. The

Are you looking for new ways to leverage and monetize your audience data without any negative impact from your existing

It is a proven fact that the ad-tech industry has outgrown its expectations in the past few years. If the

Data is the biggest asset in today’s time. Data monetization was a $1.26 billion-dollar industry in 2017, and it is

Thrive in a world without third‑party cookies

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