Social Fortuna

Maintain Privacy While Sharing on Social

When customers share from your website, you want them to feel confident that their personal information stays private, no matter where they’re sending it. Our Social Fortuna platform gives you just that.

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Customer Privacy + Compliance = Peace of Mind

Reduce the risk of data leaks and ensure your customers’ privacy isn’t compromised when they share your content. Using Social Fortuna, you can integrate with all major social media channels so your audience can engage and share with confidence from any page on your site.  

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The Banner That Sets You Apart from Fines

Customize your Social Banner for better customer experiences

Make the social sharing banner that’s right for your site – and easy for your audience to engage with and understand. Social Fortuna comes with a special feature that allows you to adjust the visibility of your banner to your page, change its position, and add or remove social media profiles as you need them.  

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Get in control. Stay in compliance.

Optimize your Social Fortuna banner for desktop and mobile to give your customers the best possible experience no matter what device they’re using. You can also cut down on clutter with total control over how many social icons you’re using and banner visibility.  

Keep social simple

Attach your banner easily with intuitive configuration that takes just minutes to set up. At less than 10KB, your banner is small – but mighty.  

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Keep it simple, social!

Try our plan free for 30 days and see just how easy it is to kiss your social sharing worries goodbye.