Privacy risks vs. Security Risks, ‘Greek Watergate, PETs and more! 

Privacy News Weekly Privacy vs Security Risks Greek Watergate

We’re almost a month into the New Year. Can you believe it? It was predicted that 2023 would be the year for data privacy laws, but even we are shocked at how much has happened in the past four weeks. There’s a lot to explore, from an apparent data privacy skills gap to ‘Greek Watergate’ […]

Child Privacy Laws Ramp Up, FTC Warns of Action Against Non-Compliance, and More  

Child Privacy Laws Ramp Up FTC Warns Non Compliance

It’s only the second week of January 2023, and things are already heating up fast in the data privacy world. We all knew this would be “the year of data privacy,” but even for people who were prepared, the swift enforcement, amendments to existing privacy laws, and discussion of forthcoming ones are shocking in volume.   […]

Non- Compliance Could Cost Your Business Big in 2023, FTC Warns 

Non Compliance Could Cost Your Business Big 2023 FTC Warns

As data privacy laws amp up in 2023, more regulatory bodies are getting involved. The latest to make a splash? The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Don’t get us wrong – they’ve been around the whole time, but this year, they are really cracking down.   On their website, the FTC states:   “If your company makes privacy […]

Consent Management Platform: Building Profitable Business in 2023

Consent Management Platform

Cookies are a big part of the internet. They help businesses to know how a user engages with their content on the website and helps marketer and advertisers to devise a strategy for conversion. But due to privacy laws, cookies can’t be loaded onto the user’s browser without their due consent. That’s why you need […]

New Quebec Data Privacy Requirements, Google Lawsuits, and More

New Quebec Data Privacy Requirements

It’s finally 2023: the year of data privacy. Well, that’s what we’re calling it anyway. New laws were passed on January 1, 2023 – most notably, the Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act (VCDPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).   Later on, this year, the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA), the Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CTDPA), […]

The Meta Privacy story: Could you be next?

The Meta Privacy Story

Accept or reject!   Taking the user’s cookie consent with these two simple words cost Meta a hefty fine of $414 million. Hysterically terrible, right?   One thing is sure. Data privacy laws, especially GDPR, are in no mood to spare those collecting data without cookie consent and even forcing the user to provide it.  As good […]

California Privacy Rights Act CPRA Compliance Game Plan   

California Privacy Rights Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2020 (CCPA) is a landmark legislation that will have significant implications for businesses operating in California. If you’re responsible for data privacy and security at your company, it’s critical that you understand the law and how it will affect your business.   The act aims to protect consumer privacy by […]