Does CCPA Require Cookie Consent?

Cookies can be difficult to control since they often load other cookies that can change on repeated visits. You may not even be aware of some of the ones operating in the background of your site and can't anticipate how they could potentially impact you and your customers. This makes you vulnerable to unknowingly violating the law and facing fines as a result. To help ensure this doesn't happen, use a consent management platform to detect all the cookies and trackers in operation and consensually manage them to ensure compliance with both the CCPA and GDPR.

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Will You Be Forced to Dump Your Data!?

“Will You Be Forced to Dump Your Data?” We start with a question that will help guide our highlights - Regulators all over the world are boosting rules and regulations regarding privacy. If you check Europe with those who face similar problems, they will tell you that none of them were ready for that tremendous change. They would have proactively taken care of collecting consent before the deadline was up.

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Personalization First: Identity Graphs for Publishers & Agencies

For agencies and publishers, few things are more important than creating an authentic, personalized experience for everyone in your audience. Successful brands have and utilize data that allow them to better understand their audience and meet them where they are in ways that feel more customized and authentic.  

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