The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act

Stay on the right side of the law in 2023.

Virginia is only the second state in the United States of America, after California, to enact a comprehensive consumer data privacy legislation

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Consumer rights businesses need to take care of under VCDPA

Virginia Data Privacy Act is a new piece of legislation that is being enacted to protect the privacy of citizens in Virginia. CDPA will affect businesses across the country because it will change the way that companies collect and use personal information 


VCDPA: Be Ready Before They Are

VCDPA: Be Ready Before They Are 

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Set Up an Effective Opt-Out and Consumer Rights Environment

The idea behind Consent Management Platforms is the ability to deliver all the rights and capabilities that are called for by all the privacy laws and regulations by combining three vital functions:

Cookie Consent Management, DSAR Management, and Consent Preference Management.  

Attaining Efficient Data Privacy Governance

Designed to deliver an enhanced way for companies to adhere to privacy laws and provide them with the tools that customers need to see in order to feel that their data and privacy are secure.  

An effective Consent Management Service makes it possible to carry out real-time tracking and the bulk importation of the data elements that are specifically targeted by privacy regulations. 


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Access Your Consumer Rights!

Lead Better with Data. Improve the way you handle data subject access requests (DSARs), by streamlining the process from intake to fulfillment, and making it easier for your consumers to discover their information, and for you to redact it where necessary. 

Right to access

Every consumer will have the right to confirm whether a controller is collecting and processing their data and will have the right to check and find out what type of data the companies in question have access to. 


All clients will be given the right to choose between implied or explicit consent when stating whether they wish to allow collectors to process their data for profiling purposes, targeted advertising, or third-party sales.  

The Timeline

Under the VCDPA, any organization is compelled to respond to consumer requests within 45 days. At this point, they may request an additional 45 days or risk facing charges should the consumer file a complaint with the state attorney general. 

Comply with the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act